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Dalai Lama strongly condemns Myanmar massacres

NEW YORK - 08.05.2013 15:54:30

Tibet's spiritual leader in exile, Dalai Lama (77) condemned Myanmar Buddhist monks for Muslim massacres.

Buddhist leader Dalai Lama who lives in USA stated at the Maryland University within the frame of his US tournament that ongoing violent massacres in Burma can’t be originating from religion while he claimed that some political circles stimulating bloody events.

"Killing people in the name of religion are really very sad, unthinkable, nowadays even Buddhists now involved, in Burma and Sri Lanka also. Buddhist monks ... destroy Muslim mosques or Muslim families. Really very sad." said Nobel-winning spiritual leader said.

"I pray for monks who are involved in massacres when they develop negative emotions against Muslims the please think the face of Buddha" said Dalai Lama describing events encountered in Myanmar and Sri-Lanka saddening.

Hundreds are killed in recent few months and more than thirteen thousand people had to abandon their homes.

International news agencies reports that Buddhist monks are actively involved in bloody attacks while American based human rights organization claims that local politicians, government officials and state security forces fomenting an organized campaign of ethnic cleansing against Muslim community.


Dalai Lama coming to the stage
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